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Flyers were sent home in Pack Facts today notifying those who are interested that our 2016-2017 Roadrunner season will be kicking off  on Monday, September 12.  Further information along with race forms can be found under "forms."

P.E.T. Fun Run  



******P.E.T. Fun Run forms were sent home in Pack Facts on Tuesday, August 23!  

The P.E.T. Fun Run will be held on September 10 at New Manchester High School!   P.E.T. stands for Public Education Trust and they are responsible for the funding of the many grants that are given out to numerous teachers around the county.  Proceeds from race registrations goes right back to our teachers to spend on resources for your child!  This has always been a fun day and if you participate, make sure you find me at the race for an extra token of appreciation from me!

Forms can be found and printed by clicking on 'Forms' on the P.E. home page!



Announcement Image for P.E.T. Fun Run