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Sarah Anthony Staff Photo


  I received my BS in Education from West Georgia - Dec. 2007.

I received my MS in Education from West Georgia - Dec. 2011.


I began my teaching career 10 years ago at New Manchester.  I was honored to come join the MAES family when the school first opened 9 years ago.  I taught 5th grade for the first three years at Mason Creek and then I taught 4th grade for 4 years.  I am so excited to be teaching STEM again this year because science and math are my favorite subjects to teach!  We will be building and constructing things using a variety of material.  I will be teaching the scientific method as well as the engineering design process.  We will also be learning coding during STEM.  I will also incorporate math and science concepts and vocabulary in the units in my class.  I can't wait to teach STEM to all of the students at Mason Creek again this year!