Laura Peden Staff Photo

Attended the University of Mississippi receiving a BAE in Special Education in 2000.  


Taught in Marietta City Schools from 2000-2007 in both interrelated fields as well as working with students with emotional behavior disorders in a self-contained setting.

2000-2006 Park Street Elementary School. Lead teacher in 2004-2006. Boys Town Self-contained teacher in 2007 at Marietta Sixth Grade Academy.

Moved to Douglas County and taught at Chestnut Log Middle School from 2007-2009 in HAVEN Academy.

From 2010-2012 taught at Mason Creek Middle School at HAVEN Academy.

Lead Teacher at Mason Creek Elementary School, HAVEN Academy, 2012.



I grew up in a small town outside of Nashville, Tennessee, called Brentwood. My mom was a high school French teacher and my grandmother a Kindergarten teacher. I am in a long line of educators. In fact, my father got his doctorate in Christian education at Southern Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky before I was born. My father's brother, my only uncle, was born in a small house in Missouri in 1929 with severe intellectual disabilities. Around the time I was 14, I decided that I wanted to work with this population. After much research and experience, I learned being in education was the best way for me to help. About two years into teaching, I fell in love with the emotional behaviors population. Since then, I've been a work in process, learning more and more daily.