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Physical Education Program


Week #3 August 22-26

Last week, we had loads of fun playing throughout our skill stations.  My older students and I even created a way to play the game "Cornhole" using some beanbags, hula hoops, and polyspots!  We have some very accurate tossers, thats for sure!  My younger students enjoyed volleying with the balloons and working on the their hand-eye coordination with the ball scoops!  It was AWESOME!

This week, for students in Kindergarten and First grade, we will be playing with hoops and reviewing concepts that describe how we are in relation to another object.  These concepts include in front of, behind, beside, above, underneath, around, across, through, inside, outside, etc.  These are basic, yet very important especially when we start introducing boundaries and the midline concepts. We will progress into "Musical Hoops," which is always a blast!

For my older students, we will start our first STRIKING activity!!!!  We will play various games of 2 square and 4 square, where the students are striking a playground ball with their hand.  This is new for us because I have never actually taught the game of 4 Square.  I had always assumed that everyone knew what it was and how to play.  To my surprise, I had several students who knew nothing of the game!  I hope to motivate them to get excited about something new and maybe challenge you to a game!  It will definitely be a memorable week, but aren't they all here at the creek!

Week #1 August 8-12

Welcome Back!!!!

Hello parents and students!  I am so excited to begin yet another fun filled year in the M.A.E.S. gym!  Last year was AMAZING and I know this year will be just that, if not more.  I am looking forward to get things going and to get everyone MOVING!!!!

We are going to have a great time running, dodging, chasing, fleeing, throwing, kicking, catching, volleying, dribbling, shooting, bowling, jumping, striking, and stacking (as in cup stacking!).  We will also touch on concepts such as force, trajectory, reaction time, hand eye coordination, the F.I.T.T. principle, and fitness components including muscular endurance, muscular strength, flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, and flexibility.  WOW, it is going to be INCREDIBLE!!!!!   Lets do it, my fellow SUPERHEROES!!!!


Week #2  August 15-19

"You know its all about that space, 'bout that space, and travel!"

Last week was a great week welcoming back all of students, both old and new!  I always get so excited about meeting our kindergarten friends and our new students who have transferred over from other schools.  This week we focused primarily on how establishing a positive learning environment . One thing I like to emphasize to students is that the gym is a classroom where learning takes place.  It may not look like a typical classroom with desks, computers, carpet, etc., but it is a place where each student will learn something new and AWESOME every single day they come to P.E.!

Our activities were geared towards "space awareness" or moving safely in a general space, while maintaining our own personal space.  Basically, this is being able to move in a big open area, with other students, without running into anything or anyone!  We played a few basic tag games with Kindergarten and First grades and talked about the appropriate ways to chase and "tag" others.  Second through Fifth grades played a fun game called "Fitness Collection Agency," where students worked in pairs to collect, save, capture, and protect their cones from within their collection zone (hula hoop.)  It is so cool to see how students start thinking about strategy and how some strategies work out and some don't!  


This week, students will participate in some skill stations to review how to move from station to station and other station procedures along with revisiting some of our favorite manipulative skills.  Manipulative skills are motor skills that require you to use a piece of equipment to be able to perform that skill. The stations will consist of skills such as shooting, tossing, throwing, punting, catching, and volleying.  Fifth grade completed their SLO for P.E., which is based on their performance in the PACER test.  The Progressive Aerobic Cardiovascular Endurance Run is a multi stage run that starts out with a slow pace, and then progressively gets faster as time goes on.  This should be a busy, but always EXCITING week here at the creek!